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ONE ACT PLAYS - COMEDY and Comedy with a Bite!

A Change of Subjects by Léon Pepall.

Running time 30 minutes a humorous play for 2m 2w.

Two couples enjoy a summers evening soiree involving copious amounts of alcohol and only loosely concealed irritation. They have a history as a foursome and have not met up together for some years which naturally invokes a degree of tension as the ruminations become a little spicy with barbed comments a plenty. The dialogue is sharp, funny and and incisive and the ending, well the ending is a basket of illuminating surprise. Engaging and fun for everyone!

Achilles Heel. By Peter Lancaster Walker

A light hearted comedy for 4f and 1m.

Celebrity footballer Bobby Brown is admitted to hospital after being injured during the course of a match. Dr. Barbara is in emotion recovery after her boyfriend left upon a mission to the Himalayas in order to 'find' himself and physio Julie is anxious to help her friend over the worst and to encourage her to 'get out and get with it!' Bobby has his eye on the distance-maintaining doctor but predictably receives no encouragement-at least not openly but unquestionably something is happening somewhere. It is apparent that Barbara is slowly becoming impressed with Bobby's grasp and knowledge of culture, politics and historical matters; Julie is similarly impressed with Bobby but her mind in on lower things!
Will any of these relationships blossom or are they destined to whither on a passing patient/carer vine? Well its good news for one and bad for the other. But who's happy and who's sad?

A well paced gentle piece the only predictable thing being that the ending is unpredictable!

A Faceful of Flannel. By Brian Langtry and Glynis Briscoe

A comedy running time 30 mins. Set in a gym/health club for 3f and 1m

A Faceful of Flannel one act playJules and Kelly are Essex girls through and through. The play is set in a local health club where the girls spend most of their time idling away in deep discussion on such crucial matters as the latest celebs, weight and diets, makeup, clothes and of course men. The momentum is disturbed as Ricky an alleged star entertainer appears on the scene. Neither Ricky’s presence and purpose nor Jules and Kelly’s turns out to be quite what it seems!

This is a straight comedy and can be performed as a stand-alone piece or combined with “Pina Colada in the Orangerie” for a full night.

A NODA Virgin by Tracey Dare.

A monologue for 1w running time 25 minutes.

A hilarious over the shoulder recollection of Rosemary’s first drama summer school. Nervous, but with a reasonable degree of inner confidence and pertinent expectancy, Rosemary relays the highs and lows, the ‘lovee’ dramas, the spats, frustrations, the potential late night liaisons, friendships, general bonhomie and the helpless laughter of this event. Anyone who has been there will recognise and howl at every anecdote and aside....for those who haven’t just sit back and howl – loudly!!

The perfect “in house” component for your next ‘one act’ night.

A Rainy Day in Cromer. By Brian Langtry

A black comedy monologue for 1m. Running time 25 minutes. Set inside a TV screen

Two young people purchase a caravan in Cromer. On a wet and windy afternoon they play a video which they had previously found stuffed at the back of a cupboard in the caravan. The play is a re-run of a life video, made by confirmed accountant Bernard and is a story of disappointment, lost love, sadness, hopelessness, hope humour and death. It is a funny and touching look at one man’s experience of life which poses a juxtaposition of  questions and answers.

Blame it on the Bourbons. By Brian Langtry 

A dark comedy with a sting in the tail for 4f and 1m. Running time 40/45 mins.

Set in the lounge of Wysteria Lodge a home for retired ‘gentlewomen of royal lineage.’

Blame it on the Bourbons one act playThis is a story about change, about aging and about growth and freshly  released confidence inspired by the seeming innocuous. Wysteria lodge is a small residential home with three inhabitants all of whom have minor claims to royal lineage. Beatrice controls everything ‘for the common good’ and the residents committee are about to discuss plans for the coming open day. Change is in the air as the home has been taken over by a corporation and Beatrice is anxious to retain the equilibrium that has been established and nurtured over the past five years. Albert is presented to a stunned Residents Committee that sets off a train of events empowering Constance and Leticia leaving Beatrice vulnerable and fretting about her future position. Beatrice is forced to disclose secrets and to endeavor to form an alliance with Albert to protect herself from the certain prospect of a loss of dignity and esteem.

This is a play using the medium of comedy to explore the unpredictable but powerful notion of change and how in certain situations the retention of dignity can be more important then death itself.

“Carrie the Counsellor” by Sam Sterling

A one act comedy for 2w 1m running 25 minutes.

Carrie is an upmarket, inept, self obsessed, behaviourally strange private counsellor. In this the first piece she is unexpectedly consulted by a casual caller with news to impart. This proves to be a far from straightforward task.

Friends Reunited. By Sam Sterling

A 25 minute play for 1w ages around 35/40 years.

Rosemary and Sandra (now know as Cindy) meet in a wine bar in Brighton brought together through the web. They were close friends at school but as with many such relationships they lost touch. Rosemary is homely, domestic with the traditional children, reliable husband and suburban contentment. Cindy has made a career for herself in Hollywood and has become 'americanized' in manner, accent and attitude.
She is brash, self assured, clearly focused and single! As they talk and learn of their respective experiences Cindy becomes strangely unsettled by her calm, understanding, contented and married companion. Is this a life changing moment inspired by the net or will they simply say goodbye and return to their respective environments?

Set- wine bar, table two stools, glasses and drinks.

Hancock. By Steve Black.

Individual running times 25-30 minutes for 2m (in some works only plus if)

This series of one act plays recreates the Hancock’s Half Hour era in a way that looks at how Sid and Hancock might react to todays much changed world and innovations. The set is a recording of the show where scripts can be read. Alternatively can be staged as a set piece in traditional manner.

Run two together for a full evening.

The Microwave Oven!
The Internet!
The Lottery!
The Car!
The Holiday!
The Take Away Meal!

Truly innovative and sheer good fun especially suitable for special occasions.

Jacuzzi Suzi. By Steve Black.

25 minute comedy for 3f

Three friends discover some amazing things about themselves in the invigorating environment of the Jacuzzi….!

Kitty Kingsley’s Poem. By Steve Black.

30 minute comedy for 3f 2m

A small and unlikely poetry group meet to read their latest poetic masterpieces with unexpected and strange consequences.

Lady Eight by Léon Pepall.

An engaging mystery comedy for 6m 3w plus roles for extras. Running time 45 minutes.

Single set the bar of a golf club.

Keen golfer Len is paranoid about an alleged malevolent force he insists is plaguing the 8th hole. Every time he plays the 8th his meticulously straight drives are discovered off the fairway and nestling in the remains of an old elm tree. This he insists is a result of paranormal activity. Understandably fellow club members will have none of it.

The aggrieved Len sets out to prove his point by venturing out onto the course after dark and after having partaken of several tots of courage improving beverage. In order to keep his golfing partners in the loop he sets up a phone link so that his every move and utterance is relayed back to the club house. The elm tree holds a dark secret. A skeleton is uncovered nestling in the remains of the tree and the police are called in to investigate. Will Inspector Granger uncover the secret?

A great little story, intriguing and funny.

Leonardo! By Steve Black

A comedy running time 1hour 30 minutes for 5w and 2m

Leonardo! one act playThis is a manic comedy set in the studio of the 18th century painter Leonardo Di Crappio. His life is a constant source of upheaval to all those who know him and we discover an artist who has been reduced to painting portraits of the wealthy and noble in order to stave off ruination. His monthly wine bill alone necessitates at least 3 portraits or commissions! His long-suffering servant, Codpiece struggles unselfishly to support and encourage his Master through this time of trouble and loss of inspiration. Out of the blue amidst the turmoil of depression, arrives a beautiful and mysterious model. Could this be the solution to Leonardo's tribulations? Of course not!

Stage set...An artistes studio. One table, various canvasses, an easel, paints etc.wine jugs empty wine bottles strewn across the studio, wine goblets.

Line Drawing: 2m 1f By Christine Emmert

The things one overhears whilst standing in line can be utterly and compellingly fascinating and completely impossible to ignore! In this 3-character piece are couple stand in line in deep conversation relating to the undulations of their relationship. A single man, patiently waiting and unable not to overhear joins their conversation to offer advice upon their predicament.

A catchy work layered with humour and relating to a situation with which we can all identify.

Lucky People By Peter Lancaster Walker.

A 30 minute gentle comedy for 6 female, 3 male and I voice.

The Jackson family win a competition to become the first 'normal people' to spend a long time in space. They have undertaken a serious training and psychological orientation regime and we join them in the capsule during the countdown to 'lift-off.' Amid the excitement and anticipation of the journey we come to understand that, in spite of the rigorous preparation, cracks in commitment and anxieties about the enormity of the undertaking begin to surface. These uncertainties are confounded by the discovery of stowaways and the determination of the feisty reporter Clara Clark who is hell bent on becoming a participant in the project.
The project does indeed go ahead but with whom?

Stage set- the inside of a space capsule.

A NODA Virgin by Tracey Dare.

A monologue for 1w running time 25 minutes.

A hilarious over the shoulder recollection of Rosemary’s first drama summer school. Nervous, but with a reasonable degree of inner confidence and pertinent expectancy, Rosemary relays the highs and lows, the ‘lovee’ dramas, the spats, frustrations, the potential late night liaisons, friendships, general bonhomie and the helpless laughter of this event. Anyone who has been there will recognise and howl at every anecdote and aside....for those who haven’t just sit back and howl – loudly!!

The perfect “in house” component for your next ‘one act’ night.

Maggie, me, Mary and Bob Dylan. By Brian Langtry

For one male one female note: The linking Bob Dylan songs are best performed live thus a further male singer guitarist is required. However the play can also be performed using recorded. Running time approx 45 mins.

Rusty and Maggie celebrate Maggie's birthday fishing on the banks of the canal. Rusty is a trucker and devotee ofMaggy, me, Mary and Bob Dylan one act play Bob Dylan whom he sees as the prophet for the 21st century. The life of a trucker is a solitary one Rusty would have us believe and he is often on the road for two or three weeks at a time. He could not settle to fish without the tuneful strains of the mighty Bob and this is just one of the elements of a stressful afternoon that causes their marital trials to surface and come to a head. Amid the comic dialogue some serious role playing occurs but ultimately the unpredictable ending explains the reasons for both Rusty and Maggie's behaviour.

Set- On the banks of the canal, fishing basket, rod and equipment, carrier bags with food drink etc. Two phones and live Bob seated stage side.

Occupational Hazard. By David Adair

A play with a running time of  approx 40 minutes for 2m, 1f playing ages 20-25.

Pete, an unhappy marketing executive and Boomerang - enigmatic and unemployed, - are one evening  thrown together outside of the pub. Their discussions lead into the world of human relationships  the results leaning towards either an epiphany or further confusion for Pete.
‘Scene 2’ sees Pete implementing his decision to resign from the job and to terminate the relationship with girlfriend Kirsty whom ultimately he holds responsible for his travails.
But of course the best laid plans etc..........?
A sharply humorous and observant piece ideal for one act evenings or festival performance.

One Night with Bobby Burns. By Steve Black.

A comedy running 25 mins for 2f.

Very posh ‘totty’ discuss a prized conquest.

On mi 'ead By Steve Black

Three one act comedies focussing on the 'beautiful game!'

1. Too old for this.! By Steve Black

For 2W running time 22 minutes..

Too Old for This one act playSet at a local Saturday afternoon match Pat and Dana engage in a full conversation for the first time. Both are there to support their partners playing in the match. Pat, who has been watching the games for over twenty years and Dana, who is in her first season discover things about each other that empower and enable each of them in different ways.

Stage set…... One long horizontal scaffold pole about waist height.

2. The fourth lion. By Steve Black

A monologue for one woman running time 30 minutes.

Eva is alone in her bedroom which is a shrine to the England Football team. She is a football fanatic as we discover as she takes us through a variety of football related matters. Does her final England line up match with yours? Eva is passionate, humorous and certainly knows her stuff.
Stage set…... Dressing table/mirror, easy chair, football memorabilia.

3. Go on…go on!!!! By Steve Black

A comedy 1M 1W with a running time of 30 minutes.

The eternal battle between the sexes...football and the soaps. Derrick is hell bent on watching England on the tele whilst his wife Trish is equally hell bent on not! The two of them play out the ritual we all know and love of whose needs are more important...and why! Who comes out on top?

Stage set….. A sofa, coffee table, TV/video [playing England match]

Owzat? By Steve Black.

A collection of three one act comedy’s focusing on the gentlemans game.

L.B.W. – Running 25 mins 1m 1f.
The perennial battle between summer Saturday cricket and staying at home with the wife!

62 Not Out. – monologue for 1m lasting 35 mins.
A tale of reminiscence of The Day in one village’s cricket history.

Caught in the Slips. – A 25 minute play for 4f
Some enthusiastic, and not so enthusiastic women, meet in the village hall to discuss setting up a womens cricket team!

Pina Coladas in the Orangerie. By Brian Langtry

A comedy with a dramatic sting set 10 years later in the new Orangerie bar. Running time 48 mins for 3f and 1

Pina Coladas in the Orangerie one act playJules and Kelly meet once again after a period of 10 years in the new bar of the health club the home of their youth. Initially the story carries on from where “Flannel” left off in a light comic vein subsequently to become tense and arresting as long closed closets are opened. Both Kelly and Jules have been changed by life and their respective experiences have shaped their current situations. In Kelly’s case a marriage to Ricky and a continued unfettered lifestyle of possessions and superficiality has seen her floating on a ship of inconsequence whilst Jules has returned from travel and education to run a hostel for abused women. Hidden secrets arise for both which culminate in a dramatic and emotional climax.

Beginning as a comedy the play takes a dramatic twist to finalise the story of Jules and Kelly and can be utilised as the ‘second act’ to “Flannel” or can stand alone.

Snookered by Tim Kenny.

Bryn and Gwen are happily married. Bryn grows championship roses and tends the grave of his parents. However, their lives are constantly interrupted by Bryn’s wastrel brother Ivor and his wife, Betty who is always showing off photos of places they have been. Ivor, when his permanent ‘bad back’ is not playing him up, is constantly telling jokes that the family has heard. He is also snooker-mad and aims to win the forthcoming G. Howells’ championship. Betty likes to boast about her promotion, their new Motability car and a second forthcoming Spanish holiday. Bryn and Gwen’s lives are different: they are worried about layoffs because of the credit crunch. But then one night all their lives are turned upside down!

This comedy has four strong parts and is peppered with jokes and humour. It is easy to stage. Running Time is 37 minutes.

Speed Dating: By Brian Langtry.

Running time 40-45 mins or to suit – see below.

12 characters 7w 5m but only 2 on stage at any one time therefore ‘doubling’ opportunities abound. 1w character (the organiser/link role)

7 scenarios – all self contained and thus some can be missed if time does not permit full play.

CupidThe sleepy village of Frumpton hosts it’s very first speed dating event. The residents are an odd bunch and the organiser Felicity is so keen to ensure the success of the event to the extent that she is a little too liberal with her intake of local scrumpy.

The characters all offer great scope comic roles within a minimal stage set. A very funny light hearted look at one of our more bizarre pastimes with a group of over sexualised, repressive, self absorbed, attention seeking, plain dotty bunch of people.

Stuff the Turkey by Steve Black

A comic look at Christmas as we all know it to be! A great seasonal comedy for 5m and 4f running time 1 hour 5 mins.

Stuff the Turkey one act playChristmas is with us again and the family gathers for the ubiquitous Christmas lunch. Presents under the tree, whiffs of cooking turnkey meander from the kitchen, a quiet sherry is taken before the onslaught. The guests arrive, the teenagers are quickly bored, granddad accepts the offer of a drink, then another, then another! Grandma expresses her disapproval, mum and dad begin to feel fractious as bonhomie is in danger of disintegration and old wounds are quickly and inevitably prized open. The long lost brother arrives, it was unexpected and unwanted but in this season of goodwill he brings a burning unreciprocated desire to repair long soured relationships. In the best Christmas traditions the day cannot end soon enough.

Stage set. Living room/lounge, Christmas tree, decorations etc.

Stuff the Turkey provides the vehicle for an alternative seasonal evening by combining a staging of the play followed by a celebratory buffet/meal. The perfect way to end your theatrical year!

Summer Days and Summer Nights By Peter Lancaster Walker

Minimum 2m and 2w up to 8m and 8w. Running time 15minutes – 1hour 10 minutes.

Summer days and Summer Nights one act play
If only a building could talk? Well here it is! ‘Summer Days and Summer Nights’ is a series on up to 7 vignettes telling the stories of 7 different occupants of this holiday bungalow over the course of one English summer.

The play can be configured to run from 15 minutes through to 1hour 10 minutes dependant upon how many of the vignettes are used.

The Boyle Family. By Sam Sterling and Dave Steward.

Running time 1hr 25mins: 2m (50 and 30 yrs) and 3w (50,30,70yrs.)

SeagullYou’ve seen The Royal Family now meet the bizarre Boyles! A two-act play, the first act set in the lounge of the family home the second on the beach at Llandudno, where Dot Boyle hopes that she and her husband Ivor will rekindle the little things in their marriage that have been neglected. Nanny is reluctant to consider an old persons home, Sandy is heavily pregnant, Dot continues to keep things together, Dennis, well, Dennis is just plain Dennis and the seagulls are- overhead!

A hilarious comedy with loads of scope for innovative direction.

Intro and outro music is supplied on CD.

This play can also be performed as 2 self contained one act works entitled 'The Boyle Family at Home' by Sam Sterling and 'The Boyle Family Holiday' by William Fisher.

The Builders Crack. By Steve Black.

A comedy running25 mins for 3m 1f.

Just what do builders talk about in their lunch hour?

The Chance. By Steve Black.

A humorous monologue for 1m. Running time 40 mins.

One man’s story of an opportunity taken and the consequences which followed……

The George and Bertie Trilogy. by Sam Sterling.

Three linked or separate comic sketches featuring two crusty old time toffs. Table set each segment running around 10 minutes.

1.It's not like it used to be The brothers are in the dining room after lunch. The muse about the changed world and lament the standards and familiarities derived from proper breeding which seem but a distant memory. Mercilously cocooned in their self induced ramblings they berate and mutter their way through the apres dinner brandy.

2. Nightcap old chap? They have retired to the bar for a nightcap where with true 'upper crust' grit they grind their way through further ruminations in their inimitable style detached from any semblance to reality.

3. Sleep well old boy? Breakfast and their last day. Has anything changed? Bet your bottom dollar it has not. More complaining and niggling as they prepare to pack up and depart for their respective homes after their weekend away which has given them the opportunity to relive their halcion days of yore.

The sketches are perfect for mix and match as linked fillers within an evening of 2 one act plays or to sit either side of a single play. George and Bertie are delicious characters to play and their outrageous insularity provided us with mirth a plenty.

The Glastonbury Tape 35 mins 2m 2w By John Gregory

The Glastonbury Tape is a snappy comedy thematically suggesting that all women are from Venus and all men are from Mars!

Lucy feels her biological clock ticking and seeks urgent reassurance from James. He, however is pre-occupied by 'plastic lemons'! Yes that really is 'plastic lemons'. Matters go somewhat awry when they view the video of their recent outing to The Glastonbury Music Festival resulting in confusion, suspicion, accusations, recriminations and an outburst of something a little physical.

The Menopause Monologues

3 monologues focusing upon the dreaded ‘change of life!’ The plays can of course be performed separately alongside other one act plays or as a complete package of 3.

Clubbin’! by Sam Sterling

1m 1w (young, very brief part) An unashamed comedy.

Set outside a club on one of The Costas 47 year old Simon is taking a breather from the gyrations and exertions of partying! When he is rudely rejected by a slim barely dressed 18 minus something he has cause to ruminate on the middle years and what, if anything, they mean in his situation.

The Menopause and Mother. By Brian Langtry

1w 1m(mute part) A quirky comedy.

Caroline’s mother has announced an impending visit. Considerations of this leads Caroline to launch forth into her favourite verbal pastime, the pits and troughs of the menopause. As she discusses with husband Richard (in reality Richard’s part is solely a non verbal one) whether or not mom should be put off from coming, we peep into the strange non interactive marital relationship and bear the full brunt of Caroline’s woes of her time of life.

Elaine. By Tracey Dare

1w. A sad and angry story underpinned by Elaine’s dark humour.

As a result of a motoring accident Elaine is now confined to a wheelchair. Her marriage has been a disaster, she has lost any self confidence she ever had, she is obsessed with regrets and anger and holds a distorted, passionate and sad view of the world in general and men in particular.
A sad tale but beneath the sadness lurks a strand of humour and hope.


Sammy’s Snacks by Sam Sterling.

A hilarious comedy with ‘squishy bits!”

Set: Inside a takeaway café – serving counter diagonally placed across stage, entrance door, toilet door, cash drawer, kitchen door, menu board, 2/3 chairs. Optional neon sign.

Minimum 2w 2m – main scenarios 9 characters, shorts up to 7 characters.

Running time: Variable dependant upon number of scenarios chosen up to 1 hour  5 mins.

Sammy was raised in the Gorbals district of Glasgow and still has the accent to prove it! Broad of speech he has a fine eclectic mind and an acerbic wit. Since moving to London he has opened a ‘very’ late night café which caters for a clientele of the weird, stark raving bonkers and wonderful still wandering South of the River after midnight.

The play is set inside Sammy’s Snacks where the afore mentioned ‘weird and wonderful’ drift in to savour the culinary delights on offer.

There are 6 main scenarios (between 6- 15 min each) and a range of 8 shorts (lasting from 10 seconds to 4 minutes) which can be interspersed at will. The order can be rearranged at will excepting for the final scenario which must always finish the play.

Uncle Sid By Mary Druce 2w (one youth 16yrs) 2m (one youth 12/13 yrs) running time 45 mins. 1 set living room.

A delightful comedy set in the 1950's. Auntie Gladys has passed away suddenly and Uncle Sid is cast adrift with little idea of how to look after himself and moves in with his nephew Jack, Jack's wife Kay and their two offspring Wendy (16/17yrs) and Philip (12/13yrs). Sid is the cantankerous sort and the new living arrangement is far from ideal. Something must be done and Sid is shipped off to a residential home. End of story.......far from it!

What's yours? By Steve Black

A series of up to 22 brief monologues which can be used in any combination depending upon the available actors. This flexibility enables the show to fill any spot from 5 to 55 minutes. All the stories are set in the pub and explore the diversity of that day's personal experiences for each of the characters and consequently the reason why they are imbibing on that particular evening. Some stories are funny, some sad, some dark, some hopeful, some uplifting but all thought provoking. Provides an unusual, different and entertaining evening.

Stage set…... One pub table, one chair.

When Push comes to Shove. By Steve Black.

A comedy for 3f lasting 25 mins.

Three of the four members of an all girl band discuss the missing member’s problems and the bands future.

Who Is Millbank Milly? By Leon Pépall. 

A play for 5 f running time 35/40 mins.

Is she a witch or just a harmless old biddy? Is she a highly intelligent but dangerous psychopath or a philanthropist with a desire is to help those in need?
Whoever she is it is clear that Millbank Milly is no ordinary bag lady. Her mysterious appearances in a public park create a wide range of emotions, some of them quite violent, and the people who cross her path have varying opinions about who and what she is.

This is an enthralling and stimulating piece. It will intrigue audiences whilst simultaneously inviting them to provide the answers. Perfect for that elusive festival entry!

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